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How to reach player?
PM: julianbashir
AIM: endrillei
email: Endrilkay AT yahoo

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: I would assume this will probably be necessary!
Threadhopping with this character: Most likely okay, but perhaps everyone talks about it first
Fourthwalling: Could happen?
Canon puncture: This may be unavoidable to people who live in a universe where Star Trek is a thing! Julian may be bewildered and wary at first (because then they will know all his secrets and his life!), but then fascinated and ask TONS of questions and probably be excited?
Offensive subjects: None that I can think of, but you can always ask.

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: Pansexual.
Hugging this character: Julian is very about the hugging, whether for acquaintances, friends or dates or whatever.
Flirting with this character: Ye gods, yes flirt away. But be careful, because Julian will almost always flirt back and then WHEN WILL IT STOP?
Giving this character a kiss: Yes?
Something more intimate: With Julian this is certainly a possibility. Maybe with discussion first.
Relationships: It's definitely possible, and I would maybe be open to it. Julian has always taken his job and his patients very seriously, to the point of putting more serious relationships on the backburner. This is not to say he doesn't date and enjoy other's company, but he's certainly been more of a serial dater of late than a relationships guy. In the past Julian HAS fallen for a few very special people in his time (could he maybe a bit sad about a could-have-been left behind in his time/universe? Who knows!), and so for someone he REALLY liked it could certainly happen.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: I suppose it could be a possibility... I'd be willing to discuss it.
Fighting with this character: Julian may not seem like a fighter (and he doesn't consider himself a fighter), but he can be scrappy and resourceful, even if all he has is his very pointy elbows. He will not be very likely to WIN though.
Injuring this character: Julian does get himself into rather awkward/unsafe situations at times, so... this could happen. He is a better doctor than patient though, be warned.
Killing this character: I'd rather he didn't die!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it, I suppose? Not sure Julian would be happy about it, but I'm sure there would be lots flirty thought and medical/scientific data in there if that's what someone is interested in?
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The Player
Name: Kara

Age: 29

Pronouns: She/Her

Contact: endrillei (AIM), endrilkay [AT] yahoo ,or you can PM me on dreamwidth at julianbashir

Experience: Most of my roleplaying experience has been in one-on-one intrerpersonal things on AIM, both original and fandom related. I used to write a lot of fanfiction, but not in many years, and did roleplay on Gaia a billion years ago for a few years. I'm a bit nervous, sorry.

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] julianbashir
Name: Julian Subatoi Bashir
Alias: Mostly goes by Julian. Also "Jules," or "my dear doctor" if you're a flirtatious Cardassian
Age/Birthdate: born in 2341; 32 at time of Rift
Species: Human (with genetic enhancements)
Canon: Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Canon point: mid-season five, at the end of his imprisonment by the Dominion
Played By: Alexander Siddig (Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi)


Julian was genetically altered as a child; he has heightened reflexes, eyesight, coordination, and especially enhanced intelligence. He is also a highly skilled doctor from a technologically advanced time period. 

Julian Bashir is just shy of 6 feet tall and rail-thin, all long arms and legs. Julian seems to be made out of sharp angles, jutting elbows and knees. He sometimes looks gangly, awkward even, but moves like someone who is at ease in his own skin. He has good bone structure, and thick dark hair with a bit of a receding hairline (which he is pretty self-conscious about); generally considers himself handsome. He has a big goofy grin and wide eyes, giving him a sort of young, fresh-faced air. His face is very expressive and sort of soft and passionate, I don't really know how to describe him without going full romance novel, but that seems sort of appropriate. He wears his heart pretty much on his sleeve and carries himself with confidence, sometimes sort of a swagger which can make him seem arrogant. Which he is, occasionally.

Julian is extremely idealistic, often to the point of extreme naiveté; he wants to do the right thing and save all the people all the time, even if others don't agree. His job as a doctor always comes first, before his own safety, politics, or at the risk of losing friendships/his position. His work as a doctor and saving a life (as long as they aren't threatening his own) are always his first priorities. When working, Julian shows his true colors, often dropping his external shields and his sometimes goofy demeanor for professionalism, seriousness, and focus.

In general life, Julian likes to keep things light and fun, which can make him seem cavalier or inexperienced, and he often says the wrong thing at the wrong time. He is loquacious (to a fault) and when excited about something often has trouble shutting up. But when things get serious Julian is focused with with his true dedication to his work and his true skill coming through. Julian is apt to throw himself into whatever needs his attention with everything he has, heart, body and soul. Ultimately he just wants to help people, and wants to believe he can fix every problem. When confronted with failure he can become easily demoralized.

Julian is sometimes a bit arrogant and socially inept, and he can seem a bit oblivious to the feelings of others, but his heart is usually in the right place. Julian has a good bedside manner, both comforting and a bit no-nonsense when his patients' health is concerned.  He is very open and friendly, falling into an ease with people whether he knows them or not, but only to a point: there is a hidden side to him, parts of his past that he protects closely, and to an extent his outgoing nature is a little bit acted. He really wants to seem like a regular charming guy, when in fact he is anything but regular (he is definitely charming, when he's not being an idiot... and he can be a pretty huge idiot). Sometimes even Julian doesn't know if he's being himself or acting a part, and has trouble with trust... even his closet friends don't know his deepest secrets. More often than not he is likely to try to carry things off with a smile. He can also be a bit of a sass. 

Julian was born in the 24th century to self-made parents who had done somewhat well for themselves; his father became a federation diplomat with very big dreams that more often than not never came fully realized. His parents wanted to see him succeed, but from an early age there was concern about Julian. He was behind for his age, speaking extremely late and showing signs of both physical, processing, and severe cognitive difficulties. Julian couldn't keep up with his peers, and while he didn't always know why he was different, the sense that he was a disappointment to his parents was not lost on him. At seven years old, he was taken off-world for a very not-legal genetic enhancement operation that completely re-sequenced his DNA which very quickly enhanced his physical abilities (stamina, reflexes, coordination, eyesight). Julian's mental capabilities skyrocketed. His parents moved him around so that no-one would find out about what they'd done, kept the enhancements a secret from Julian, and started a new life. 

When he found out as a teenager what had been done to him, Julian was forced to keep the secret of his genetically altered status lest his parents be arrested and Julian lose all hope of having and keeping his career. This secret, which Julian kept even from his closest friends even up until being taken by the rift, colors his interactions and friendships with others, his ability to truly be himself around people. He began to change the way he acted, lessen his abilities, to cover the risk. The insecurity that he was no longer truly himself, that his parents had removed their defective child and replaced him with someone who was no longer Julian, remained with him. He stopped calling himself "Jules" and became Julian, and his relationship with his parents faltered, and was never fully recovered. Julian's dream of becoming a professional tennis player suddenly went off the market because in Julian's eyes, his genetic enhancements made it unfair. He turned his phobia of doctors and hospitals into a career, figuring the least he could do is use his genetic enhancements to help people. He joined Starfleet, graduating 2nd in his class after "missing" a question on the final exam, and purposefully chose the job on Deep Space Nine to practice frontier medicine, where he thought he might truly be needed and could make a difference. This allowed him to leave his history and family behind. Aside from everything, Julian loves being a doctor. He made friends slowly but surely, flirted shamelessly with anyone who struck his fancy, and built a good life for himself. 

He doesn't look like he'd be a good fighter, but he is scrappy and persistent (many would say obnoxious stubbornness). When danger arises, he jumps right in if he feels he has to. He uses what is around him to his advantage (whether it is a rock or a piece of medical equipment), and while not trained in hand-to-hand combat Julian is not above throwing an elbow in someone's face if he has nothing to his advantage. Julian will sometimes put himself at risk for the greater good, but he doesn't roll over easily.

When he is pulled through the rift, he has been in Dominion captivity in a Jem H'Dar internment camp for just over a month, just out of isolation. 

Writing Sample:
At first the only sensations Julian can connect with his own body is extreme vertigo and nausea, side-effects Bashir isn't used to experiencing with the transporter beam since he was a first year student. Still, he has the distinct feeling that he is about to puke up everything he's eaten in the last 24 hours, which isn't much thanks to the fact that his Dominion captors weren't all that concerned about giving full meals to prisoners that were just going to die anyway. He squeezes his eyes shut tight, willing himself with all his power not to vomit, and slowly realizes he is on his hands and knees gripping the sidewalk with his fingers like the whole world might slip out from under him at any moment, shaky but clearly alive, his atoms not lost forever in the vastness of space. That is certainly something to be happy about, at least. He doesn't feel like he has any parts missing, either.

Wait, the sidewalk? The surface beneath him is definitely not metallic. Julian forces his eyes open. This is not the Dominian internment camp, and he is really, really glad about that. But it isn't a rescue ship either. Julian is not prone to cursing, but as he looks around the only thing that comes out of his mouth is, "Fuck." Because this is Earth, or a planet that looks very suspiciously like Earth. Which doesn't make any sense at all. This isn't even the Earth he calls his home, but clearly an Earth from... the past? He was always a terrible history student. You'd think his last accidental trip to the past would have made him study it, but he'd thought one accidental time-travel trip was probably all he would have to suffer. Wrong, apparently.

His hand goes to where his comm badge should be before he remembers that the Dominion took that from him too. He is utterly alone, cut off from rescue. Had Garak been lost too, or had he made it out? He hopes Garak is safe, somewhere. No matter how out of time Julian's clothes might be, he is still human, or at least mostly human. Would Garak, the crew look for him, or would they assume Julian was dead? He couldn't be stuck here forever... who knew what future he would change, screw up, just by existing here? From imprisonment to freedom, but not the kind he was hoping for. There would be no rest, no return to his quarters and friends, not yet.

Too many questions, and not the right time. He stands up, gives himself a mental medical check and finds nothing pressing, and takes in a deep breath. Julian presses any remaining panic down and steels himself. "You're an officer, Jules. Act like one. What do you do next?" Survival and not messing up any timelines should be his first directive. He is trained for this, he should know what to do and has been through this before in a way, though never on his own. He needs to get out of sight, first of all. His uniform will need to be abandoned somewhere, and clothes of the time found instead. He hates to steal, but his priorities are to blend in, stay out of trouble, find out where and when he is, and if possible why. It seems to be somewhere between the 20th-22nd century, though Julian has always been a terrible history student. But... research! Julian loves research. He's good at it too. It is immensely calming to think of this as nothing more than his next research project. Gathering data of his surroundings, to support or go against his formed hypothesis of when and where and why... Yes, that Julian can do. He feels slightly better already.

At least so far no-one has spared him a second glance. Wherever/whenever he is, people don't seem to be thrown by strangely dressed men standing in the middle of...wherever he is. Julian needs food, water, and a good long sleep, but that comes later. 
The Game
How did you find out about Big Applesauce?

Allison and Ellis (very kindly and gently!) harassed me into it and I'm so glad they did!! Then there was much support and love from some other players! Even though I'm very nervous about it all, everyone was very convincing!

What interests you about the game, and your character's place in it?
I love the idea of the game bringing characters together from all walks of life, and sticking them all together. The interpersonal relationships are probably what interest me the most, of making new friends (or enemies), and of people helping each other through a shared experience, turning trauma into a new life. 

I have always found Julian to be a very complex and interesting character. I think Julian would struggle at first with attempting to adjust to the 21st century (300 years is a VERY long time to go back in time, even if it is another dimensional world, and Julian has often admitted to not being gifted in history), not to mention the fact that it might take him awhile to get used to the idea that there is nobody coming to rescue him and that he might not have to worry about changing the time line and following the prime directive (Julian is driven by the need to help people, to be a doctor, and he would have some issues struggling between wanting to do what he does best and fear of breaking the primary rules of traveling back in time). 

I am also curious to play with the idea that Julian has been hiding his genetic enhancements from everyone but his family since he was a child. He has some serious identity issues (discussed above) and struggles with the idea that he doesn't' even really know who he is. He feels guilt that he "took the place" of Jules when he became enhanced, feeling almost as if he is guilty of murder. Julian has never been allowed to truly be his whole, true self around even his closest and most trusted friends and colleagues, always putting on a mask or dampening his abilities. Once Julian adjusts to the idea of being in the Rift to stay, and figures out he is in a world full of people who are angels, deamons, have super powers and special abilities, he just might realize that he could start over with a new life without any secrets, be himself for the first time. I think he would both welcome this and deeply struggle with being completely open while he figures out who this Julian really is. 

Anything else?


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